Baofeng UV-13 Pro


Features: 1) IPX4 life waterproof (Splash waterproof protection). 2) LCD display screen. 3) 10W high power 4) Up to 999 memory channels. 5) DTMF coding. 6) U/V full band transceiver. 7) Quick menu operation mode. 8) Computer program. 9) Wired copy function. 10) Emergency alarm call function. 11) Wide / narrow band selection.

Package Included: 1 X Portable radio 1 X Li-ion battery pack 1 X Type-C USB Charger 1 X Belt clip 1 X The Sling 1 X User’s manual

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Baofeng UV-13 Pro

Brand New: Baofeng UV-13 Pro

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An affordable 5w 2m 70cms Amateur Radio Handheld by Baofeng. Covers 136-174MHz, and 400-470MHz.

Has unique features such as USB C Charging port to name a few.

Available in this great Orange and Black colouring currently.



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